Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Eight

Today’s prompt was writing a love poem, but I’m not in the “love poem” mood, so I wrote about something that’s been on my mind for the past few days. Luckily it still kinda fits the prompt. Do you ever feel like this? If so, let me know and we can be humbled over Romans 5:10 together.

Nagging Guilt –

I wish I loved you more
Than I currently do.
I feel guilty, though nobody’s keeping score.

Will you keep loving me
Though you have no reason to?
You say you will, but I find it hard to believe.

Your kindness always renews,
But why stay when you knew
How I would (and will) betray you?

Bitter, broken, and damned
Before I was rescued.
Redeemed and free is what you say I am

Yet, I still feel guilty
When I’ve been made new.
There’s a nagging sense of being filthy,

And I can’t shake it off.
It’s silly that I can’t trust your Word
When you literally died on a cross
For me.

~ Essie

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