Almost Through the Forest

Who are you walking towards? Poem 80 of 365 – I am not meanderingThrough these woods that are thick as thieves.I am not a wandererStopping to watch light filt’ring through leaves. I am stepping with purpose,With knowledge of the destination.It won’t do to make my guestWait long; I forego procrastination. I take quick glances aroundThe […]

Paper Ship

Please remember, imperfection does not mean incompetent. Your flaws do not define you. Poem 79 of 365 – It’s not a spotless white sheet.There are already spots of black ink.At first I thought the water was cleanBut it’s still too polluted to drink. It’s not a perfect blank slate,As much as I’d like to convince […]

“I Still Love You”

Loving someone is admirable. Jealously coveting someone? Not so much. Learning to let go of unhealthy emotion and taking the difficult road to maturity is worth it in the long run. Poem 78 of 365 – “I still love you.”I think about saying these wordsTo you,Knowing they could make you hurt.It’s not true,Not anymore, but […]

My Dear Rose – A Sonnet

The sweetest people can turn sour by being trapped in toxic environments. They try their hardest to continue being gentle, but time takes its toll and there will always be side effects. Poem 76 of 365 – My dear rose, I never knew how to sayHow lovely I found you when we first met;Your pink […]

Apology, A Haiku

Is saying sorry genuine if it is said in words alone? Poem 68 of 365 – I don’t know what toSay, except, “I’m so sorry,Can we try again?” ~ Essie

Not An Angel, But She Has Wings

TRIGGER WARNING: allusion to self-harm. This is written for one of my best friends. I could tell you about how amazing she is and how much she means to me, but I’ll try not to be sappy and gushy and just let this poem speak for itself. Poem 59 of 365 – Darling,Trust me when […]