Not An Angel, But She Has Wings

TRIGGER WARNING: allusion to self-harm. This is written for one of my best friends. I could tell you about how amazing she is and how much she means to me, but I’ll try not to be sappy and gushy and just let this poem speak for itself. Poem 59 of 365 – Darling,Trust me when […]

Everything Changes In Time

If I could go back to the day I wrote this, I’d tell my past self that no, not everything changes in time. You’re right, you fail repeatedly. But Christ comes through, for every time you fail. Poem 56 of 365 – Everything changes in time,The leaves, Our faces, our grief,Our bonds, Our dreams, our […]

Better Doesn’t Mean Okay

Something that I’ve noticed in my experience of both caring for those who are suffering and being one who has suffered is that we just want to get them to the end of the tunnel. We just need to make them all better, and then we can move on with our lives. What is more […]

I Am . . .

This poem is about exploring my emotions. It was written around the time when I my best friend found out about a secret of mine. I was afraid it would destroy our relationship, but instead, it helped it to flourish into something stronger and deeper than I could have imagined. Back then I had no […]

I’m Sorry, Please, Thank You

This is a three-piece poem that reflects my journey through repentance. It’s not enjoyable. It requires me to be honest with God – and myself. It requires me to deny the parts of myself I desire most and exchange them for Christ. I am helpless without His grace and strength, and I praise Him for […]