Love Myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for aestheticism. There’s just a difference between self-care and idolatry. This poem’s about idolatry. Also, it helps when you know I’m a calvinist 😂 Poem 221 of 365 – I’ll just admit itIt wasn’t self careIt wasn’t self loveIt wasn’t helpful at allIt’s not cutesy when I fallInto […]

Don’t touch the glass

Is this any good? I personally don’t think so. But. . . for some reason the concept is close to my heart. Let me know what you think. Poem 218 of 365 – Is what I remember hearing you sayI stared at the wall, feeling dismayEven though the rule won’t last. First hour I satAnd […]

Tumour Tree

This week I have something special. My friend Nathan did an illustration for this poem!! How cool is that?! Scroll down to see his amazing artwork ❤ Poem 216 of 365 – Why does the tree keep breathing?Creating oxygen I keep saying I don’t need?The roots are burrowing into my brainGiving me air but no […]

Hear Me III

It’s so easy to give into pride and falsehoods. It’s easier to fear than to hope. But take courage, dear heart. Lamentations 3:55-57. Poem 210 of 365 – The world has finally ceased to spinAnd I am left with unrest withinFlashing colours, vibrant soundsWaves of commotion, warning to drownMe.All this time I never realizedThe outbursts and […]

Hear Me

Sometimes I forget that the whole point of grace is that I don’t get what I deserve. I forget that sanctification is a process, just like everything else in life. Do you? Poem 208 of 365 – Apologies, not doxologiesAre issued from my mouthBecause fondly and wronglyIs the way I view sin now. Is there […]

Human Work

I’m experimenting with a new style. What do you think? Poem 205 of 365 – Work doesn’t help self.Humans in brokenness, in result do works.Results and fruitlessness make humans weak.Weak self makes indulgence easy. We cannot create the answers we need. Easy indulgence makes self weak.Weak humans make fruitlessness and results.Works do result in brokenness […]