Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Ten

I can’t express how much I dreaded today’s prompt: femininity. It’s not a subject I’m comfortable with, and I still don’t have a totally formulated viewpoint on it. . . I guess that’s when poetry comes in handy, though. I write it to process things. If you disagree with the following poem, that’s totally fine. We don’t have to agree. We have to think, though, so if this makes you do that, I’ll consider my mission accomplished.

Sorry, I’m Not a Feminist –

I don’t feel like writing about this.
It’s a hot button topic.
My opinion –
They’ll give me hell for it.
Not men, but women with a false synopsis.

I’m not a feminist.

No, I don’t hate women.
I’m not asking that you listen
So I can stand on a soapbox, insistin’
That I’m right (although I think I am).

I’m not a feminist.

No, I’m not against equality
But you’re turning it into something
It wasn’t meant to be.
I think there’s a causality
Between feminism and living unhappily
Trying to fit yourself in a category
That’s impossible to fit in.

I’m not a feminist,

But I know how feminists work.
They want women to be valued,
And I agree,
Women have incredible worth.
However –
They eagerly love all women
Until they differ from their opinion.
Logically, they should respect me
Despite what I’ve written.

I’m not a feminist.

No, I’m not a sexist.
But you’re right, I’m not a leftist.
I don’t want that to divide us,
So just forget I said it.
If you want to call me names
Or you’re thinking, “I despise her.”
Hate to break it to you,
But you’re not a feminist, either.

~ Essie

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