Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Twelve

Today’s prompt: Spring cleaning. It took me all day to think of something for this, because I hate spring cleaning. I don’t know why. Organizing is a totally different question! Do you spring clean, or are you like me, where you gradually throw things out as they lose their relevance?

Spring Cleaning –

Apparently, around this time of year
People declutter and purge.
I’ve never understood that;
Both the action and the urge –
Why declare the purpose is so I can start the year right
If I don’t know what I need for it?

I might need those notes –
I have a class coming up.

I don’t throw out those group photos,
When there’s still hope of reconciliation.

I keep those old CDs –
Maybe this year’s me will like them again.

It seems more natural to me
To “Spring Clean” at the end of the year,
When you see what helped you
And what you don’t need to keep near.

~ Essie

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