Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Seventeen

Today’s prompt: body as friend (or foe). I am continually grieved seeing those on social media and in person who can’t stand their body. This poem is for those who dislike their body. You are not disgusting. You aren’t repulsive based on what you look like, but by the state of your heart.

The Ministry of Touch –

I hope you love your body.
It’s done so much for you.
If you say it’s an enemy
I have to reply, that’s not true.

You hate the shapelessness of your hands,
Despise the largeness of your feet,
And crooked teeth inside your mouth,
But you have failed to see

All the times your body’s helped you
And helped others you loved –

Your hands have held those of people
Who needed a caring friend
Your feet have walked with them
Where no one else would tread.

Your smile is one of the loveliest things,
Yes, with your teeth and all.
Your mouth has spoken kind words
That got loved ones through their nightfalls.

I hope you love your body –
It’s helped you accomplish so much.
I hope one day you realize
How you’ve healed me with your touch.

~ Essie

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