Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Nineteen

Day 19 – without your name, who are you? A name or label is often something we assign to ourselves to help us fit in – to help us belong. Here I talk to myself and explain the inner struggle of finding my own identity – what is it really based on? The very last line has special significance to me. I am destined for eternity. Souls never die, but where do they go? Where we spend eternity matters more than literally anything, so I ask you, where will your soul go after death? Heaven or hell? Eternal life or eternal death? I ask because I care, not because I hate you. ❤️

Faceless, Nameless Soul –

Faceless, nameless soul
Who are you when these are stripped away?
You’re not tasteless, though.
You are more than what I’ve ripped away.

Your name is a price tag on the back of a book
The price still exists, despite what I took.
The sticker hasn’t come completely off
And so it will stay until the pages rot.

You fear this.
The permanence.
Will the sticker ever relent?
You’ve picked and picked
But it still sticks
And maintains its relevance.

A face is an identity
A name is a label
What if change isn’t
Something of which you’re capable?

It’s a blemish on the back
Stuck, like gum or a thumb tack.
You cover it up
But that’s not enough
The sticker must become something you lack.

You truly want to be
A nameless, faceless soul.
Faces will fade,
Names will change,
But a soul will always stay.

~ Essie

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