Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Twenty-Five

Today’s prompt: pick an animal. This poem is based on a true story. My Grandpa was full of sass (in case you wonder where I get mine from!).

Grandpa’s Adult Joke –

I’ve heard this story since I was a child,
And it never made sense to me until now.

My grandfather built model airplanes;
He owned a flying field, back in the day.

Other enthusiasts visited often,
He let them use it for free, never gaining profit.

My grandfather was an introverted soul,
And one day some fool wouldn’t leave him alone.

The man kept jabbering without remorse
That with his diet, he was healthy as a horse.

My grandfather smirked and said, “You’re wrong,
You can’t be a horse, your ears are too long.”

~ Essie

Ps. In case you didn’t get it. . .

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