I’m Sorry, Please, Thank You

This is a three-piece poem that reflects my journey through repentance. It’s not enjoyable. It requires me to be honest with God – and myself. It requires me to deny the parts of myself I desire most and exchange them for Christ. I am helpless without His grace and strength, and I praise Him for how far He’s already brought me. He does not give us any temptation we can’t resist! What does repentance feel like for you?

Poem 38 of 365 –

I’m sorry
For being so weak.
I’m sorry
I couldn’t take the heat.
I’m sorry
For falling beneath
What you’ve called me to be.

Make me better than this.
Give me strength not to quit
Help me come out of this
Knowing it was worth it.

Thank you
For all you’ve done already
Thank you
For holding me steady
Thank you
For waiting ‘til I was ready
To handle something this deadly.

~ Essie

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