Not An Angel, But She Has Wings

TRIGGER WARNING: allusion to self-harm.

This is written for one of my best friends. I could tell you about how amazing she is and how much she means to me, but I’ll try not to be sappy and gushy and just let this poem speak for itself.

Poem 59 of 365

Trust me when I say you are beautiful.
It’s odd you don’t fly with a group
But I have grown to love that about you.

Your wings,
You don’t cover them up like most girls would.
You sing
Melodies of broken things that no one else could.
Your unmasked face makes me want to be good.

Feathers into your arm because you can’t fly
Your walls to protect us from what’s inside,
But your shadows have been replaced by light.

Your demons and your fears
My Starling,
You resurrected from ashes and tears
And you have been a blessing to many sparrows here.

~ Essie

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