Chasing Flawless

I wrote this back in May, but I needed to hear it today. Funny how the past can speak into the present and give you a reality check.

Poem 99 of 365 –

Flawless was once an addictive word.
I craved it,
I felt like I needed to taste it
And take it,
Like a pill in a bottle,
The lever that I pushed full throttle.
I wasn’t going to stop 
Though I knew I was going to rot.
The problems didn’t make them gone.
It left me shattered and sad,
Whispering my broken song.
That’s when the Light came along.
The clouds are still here, but the Son shines through them
They aren’t my enemies because he uses them
I don’t need to chase after being flawless
Because he is,
And he bathes me in his light.

~ Essie

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