Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Three

For some reason I decided to push myself beyond sanity and do both NaPoWriMo and Escapril. If you don’t know what Escapril is, the TL;DR version of it is artists being artsy on Instagram in April and adhering to daily prompts throughout the month.

The Escapril prompt for day three required incorporating music. Each of the following words or phrases in bold is a song title in the #neverfold album by @tedashii . It’s currently my favourite thing to listen to right now, so I wanted to show it off. I’m sleep deprived and hungry, so I’ll admit I’m not super proud of it, but I don’t hate it yet, so here you go.

#Neverfold –

I know it’s hard, but I don’t let it hold me down.
There’s a heaven
And it’s coming soon.
The pressure’s suffocating
But we’re waiting on
God. Flex not your own strength,
Wait on him.
If you feel a pull to sin
You have the authority to
Shout, “Get out my way, Satan, you won’t bring me down!”
Smile, because you are free indeed, His grace is in full effect
So don’t let any son of Sam
Tell you that you won’t make it home.
Take a leap of faith.
Splash into the water,

And don’t worry about cutting your feet
On the diamonds in the rough
Step into the water, step into love
Trust in God; he is enough.
Examine yourself and ask, “Does my lifestyle
Bring glory to God?”
If it doesn’t, you gotta live like He lives in you
Do it all in love, or else it’s in vain.
It is well done if it’s done through Him.


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