Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Four

The #escapril prompt for today is anxiety. Although I don’t have anxiety, I had a friend who did. At the time I didn’t understand what it was or how it affected people, and I’m afraid I wasn’t the most graceful person, socially speaking. Now that it’s been a few years, I know a lot more, and I just want to say – if you have anxiety, I am proud of you for making it this far. You are far stronger than you give yourself credit 💕

I’m Sorry, Anxious Friend –

When you told me you had anxiety,
I didn’t know what you meant.
My sheltered life didn’t have much variety;
I was twelve, and you were eleven.

When you explained, we were on a retreat.
I thought you were breaking the rules
When you brought your iPod to help you fall asleep
And didn’t turn your light out at curfew.

Now at eighteen, I know a lot more
And I’m sorry for how I treated you.
I understand now what your iPod was for,
And why the lights were on after curfew.

If you’re still interested in friendship
I promise to listen and learn
I’m sorry for the comments that I let slip,
They were thoughtless, and I should’ve discerned

That you can’t just turn it off.
I’m sorry, dear anxious friend.
Will you forgive me for my careless words,
And can we try again?

~ Essie

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