Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Six

Today’s prompt is nostalgia, and I used this adjective to convey a very personal message. Yeah, I ugly cried writing it, so hopefully you’ll ugly cry reading it. Before I share this with you, I want you to know that, yes, my mom is an absolute angel and one of the most amazing people on this planet.

Photographs of My Mother –

There’s an old wooden trunk
In my attic, with drawers.
It creaks as I open it
And rediscover the memories stored.

There are pictures of my mother,
Years before she had me
Or the disease that stole her mobility.
Her smile shows she hadn’t a clue
Of what the coming years held.

Back then she was quite active;
She rode horses and dirtbikes,
Dated a guy no one else thought attractive,
And was a fitness instructor.

Here’s another photo of her;
It’s taken from far away, and grainy.
Still, you can see her permed hair
And smell the perfume of the 80’s.

There’s a picture near the bottom,
And I start to pick it up,
But I stop to admire one when she was five,
Grinning in a t-shirt and holding a duck.

Looking at this latest find,
She’s wearing a luxurious robe.
Her hair and makeup are done;
This is a staged photo.

Upon first glance, she looks flawless;
You can almost smell what she was wearing that day.
But if you look closer,
Her crooked right hand give the date away.

This wasn’t long after she was diagnosed,
You can tell by the youth in her face.
But Multiple Sclerosis isn’t an overnight disease
That will just go away.

It’s been more than twenty years
Since her body betrayed her.
And though some days it’s a battle,
This is the trial that made her

Into the most resilient, strong,
Courageous woman I’ve ever known.
Despite this she homeschooled her children,
And made this house a home.

She has an infectious laugh
That leaves everyone in stitches
She took the time to teach me math
And still gives me goodnight kisses.

She helped me walk to where I am now,
And I wouldn’t want another
To make that journey with me;
None but my dear mother.

~ Essie

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