Escapril/NaPoWriMo Day Five

The escapril prompt for today – back to nature. I don’t feel like this measures up to everyone else’s amazing work, but here it is. I decided to incorporate my current emotions on having to study instead of taking the day off to walk around my city. Canadian cities are known for their beauty, and I want to take full advantage of living in one. Sadly, that’s going to have to wait. 

Out The Window –

Textbooks lie scattered
Across my bedroom floor,
But I’m not looking at them.
There’s something that matters more

Out the window.

I envy the people on the boardwalk,
Walking with dogs and friends.
I’m jealous of the birds who proclaim
Winter is at it’s end.

The longer I keep looking,
The greener my eyes get
Until they match the pine trees
Where squirrels build their nests.

I sigh and turn the page,
Wishing I could feel the breeze
That makes the branches dance
Instead of earning my degree.

~ Essie

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