My Dear Rose – A Sonnet

The sweetest people can turn sour by being trapped in toxic environments. They try their hardest to continue being gentle, but time takes its toll and there will always be side effects.

Poem 76 of 365 –

My dear rose, I never knew how to say
How lovely I found you when we first met;
Your pink petals would make anyone stay
If they ignored your stem, where thorns are set.

You always seemed untouchable, dear rose.
People got close, but they couldn’t come in.
But I was the sun, and somehow you chose
To show me the shadows, where you had been.

You were always so sweet, graceful, and kind
Despite the bitter soil in which you grew
You’ve been affected, but you try to hide
Any results of the trials you’ve been through.

I pity you; you say it’s not that bad
But you ignore thorns that leave people stabbed.

~ Essie

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