“I Still Love You”

Loving someone is admirable. Jealously coveting someone? Not so much. Learning to let go of unhealthy emotion and taking the difficult road to maturity is worth it in the long run.

Poem 78 of 365 –

“I still love you.”
I think about saying these words
To you,
Knowing they could make you hurt.
It’s not true,
Not anymore, but I want to see what’d happen
If you thought my heart still burned
For you.

I’m crouched in the crooked corners
Of my mind,
Knowing it’s time
To let go of the label,
But I want to be convinced.
For now, I seem stable. . .

Would you like me more if I was broken,
Like you?

I’m still in my corner
Feeling alone, like
Some sort of foreigner
When I hear the naked bulb above
Me buzz
And start to flicker
A door opens, and I feel the breeze
Blow in and make me shiver.
It’s not you.

We both know who comes in the room,
Who has the only key,
Who rebukes me for inhaling the fumes
That invoke jealousy.
Now you know that I regret
The time I spent in the dark.
I apologized to whom
We know has stayed with me thus far.
The One who cleans my wounds
And says again 
The words that awe me every time,
“I still love you.”

~ Essie

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