small things that make me happy

What makes you happy? Can you make a list? How many of them can you experience today?

Poem 81 of 365 –

One: sniffing books worn by age;
smelling the stories they tell.

Two: seeing a text from a friend
asking if I’m doing well.

Three: rain pounding on windows,
yet feeling sheltered from the storm.

Four: a winter night inside
with blankets to keep me warm.

Five: baby animals who want to play
and don’t yet know that the world is cruel.

Six: complex ideas I can’t understand
to remind me I’m a fool.

Seven: new pens and notebooks,
which I can fill in time.

Eight: words well written or said,
it’s a plus if they rhyme.

Nine: cloudy, somber, windless days
when I can’t see the sun.

Ten: working hard and knowing
there’ll be a reward when it’s done.

~ Essie

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