Return to Cranial Mansion

Do you have any wounds in need of healing?

Poem 169 of 365 –

Enter the manor, and lightning cracks.
You’d rather stay in the storm, I know.
The porch steps creak as if under attack;
You do as I say and suck in a breath
When the blinds shift, as if to remove a mask.

Gather your courage, open the door,
The living room and hallway are on the left.
A tingle in your mind says you’ve been here before.
You nearly scream when beneath your feet,
A whisper rises from the cracks in the floor.

“Remember me?” my silky voice hisses.
“You forgot your old friend, my dear.
You thought you left me, so I did this:
I called you back to where we met;
Turns out your wounds still have stitches.

You thought they were healed, but surprise!
They’re putrid – you forgot about them, too.
Ignorance is bliss, but you were unwise
You didn’t really leave, so now I’ve locked you in.
‘Ignorance is bliss,’ is the worst advice.”

~ Essie

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