The garden that ate me alive.

A spoken word thing that I had the pleasure of sharing with some friends at a talent show. My friend Nathan is back with more incredible artwork to flesh out this piece!! Give him a follow on Instagram, it’s so worth it. Poem 238 of 365 – Hello,you have a pretty soulwill you let me […]

Final Reflections

I can’t believe it’s the end of a decade. How did I spend it? Unfortunately, I think it was too full of aimless, unintentional living. May next year be a chance to live conscientiously in the holiness of God. Poem 226 of 365 – The month is almost over GodHow have I glorified you?What things […]

A Garden Trespassed

This is one I hold close to the chest. I hope it’s not so close that it means nothing to you. Poem 236 out of 365 – There were flowers, red and gold.An intoxicating fragrance sprang forthFrom the garden that I was toldNot yet, not yet, not yet. Glistening leaves, a macabre greenBegging to be […]

Matthew 9:38

A day early because Christmas. May everyone have a blessed time of worship tomorrow. May more people discover the reason for our joy. Poem 225 of 365 – Your holiness is uncontained;Your glory blinds the unworthy.Temporal toys begin to fade.Their allure is impure compared to what you offer. When will every knee bow?Every tongue confess […]

Monster of dreams

This one feels kind of unfinished, but maybe next year I’ll add onto it. Poem 229 of 365 – God, I had a dream last nightWhere I did something vileI’ve done my best to resist in the daytimeI guess it had been building up in a pileBubbling under subconscious passionsSubtly holding to the hopeThat I […]

Not Flying.

It’s almost the end of the year, and right now all you’ve seen is my poetry in the low 200s. Let’s change that, since New Year’s fast approaches. I’ll be trying to post every day until December 31st. Hope you like it 🙂 Poem 228 of 365 – I hate not being in controlI hate […]

Lonely Fool

Poem 223 of 365 – I feel like something sad tonightWould lighten up the mood.Music feigning loneliness gives meSomeone to feel close to.I shouldn’t be left to my own devicesHow long will it take for you to realize this?But don’t worry yourself too muchTonight’s all right alone.I’ll listen to my sad piano,And raindrops filling in […]

Rotting flowers

I wrote this one a day after my birthday. Time passes by so quickly. Did I even do anything with it? Poem 222 of 365 – The smell of rotting flowers Lingers in the airA warning of another yearThat passed by unawareAnother birthday came and wentI feel the time was poorly spentAnd I must replay the […]

Don’t touch the glass

Is this any good? I personally don’t think so. But. . . for some reason the concept is close to my heart. Let me know what you think. Poem 218 of 365 – Is what I remember hearing you sayI stared at the wall, feeling dismayEven though the rule won’t last. First hour I satAnd […]

Rotted Mind.

This one is a little less “Polished” than what I’d normally post. Sometimes I just feel like I’ll never be more than a filthy dog. That I’ll drown in the problems I create for myself. This is about that. Don’t forget the last two lines ❤ Poem 215 of 365 – One more step was […]