Final Reflections

I can’t believe it’s the end of a decade. How did I spend it? Unfortunately, I think it was too full of aimless, unintentional living. May next year be a chance to live conscientiously in the holiness of God.

Poem 226 of 365 –

The month is almost over God
How have I glorified you?
What things have I done 
To make your kingdom arrive soon?
I treated Sarah with kindness
When she needed your grace
I talked to a stranger about you
And you rewarded me with their faith
I hope I was a light at the wedding
That cut through the marijuana smoke
But I also fear I was too shy
I didn’t want to lose them, you know?
Mikaela’s been asking a lot of questions
And I hope it leads somewhere
In the meantime I’ll be patient
And hope you lead her there.
God, make me bold in the coming month
So that all can see
That my kindness, joy, et cetera
Is a product of you, not me.

~ Essie

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