Tumour Tree

This week I have something special. My friend Nathan did an illustration for this poem!! How cool is that?! Scroll down to see his amazing artwork ❤

Poem 216 of 365 –

Why does the tree keep breathing?
Creating oxygen I keep saying I don’t need?
The roots are burrowing into my brain
Giving me air but no time for a break
From this splitting headache
The air grows sickly sweet
Forcing me to smile;  the corners of my mouth, they bleed 
Stop feeding me
So I can starve the tree
“Start leaving!”
I say to the arrogant greens 
Growing from my scalp freely

A lungful of sugary air
Hits the back of my throat
Coughing, I try to remember that NO
Of course I don’t care
About the white blossoms that have started to grow
About the small apples that will follow
It’s nothing specific, I keep repeating
It’s just the whole damn tree
To make it real I’ll force you to agree
My defensive behaviour is the tree’s fault
Not mine
If I repeat that enough times
That’ll be the case
Oh, God, why give me a pencil that won’t erase?
This sketch of myself is what I can’t face
That scrawl of branches, paint globs of leaves
And those horrid blossoms 
That trigger my unease.

~ Essie

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