Rotted Mind.

This one is a little less “Polished” than what I’d normally post. Sometimes I just feel like I’ll never be more than a filthy dog. That I’ll drown in the problems I create for myself. This is about that. Don’t forget the last two lines ❤

Poem 215 of 365 –

One more step was all it took
One step too far
One less and I wouldn’t be in the dark
This mess doesn’t fit in who You are
A jest, it seems when you look at the start
And my heart currently
Am I still yours? Certainly
Nobody expects me to live perfectly
Except for me.

Will I ever be more than a slave to my desires?
Can I look forward to getting bored and tired
Of these vices that reach for my neck?
Will I have the courage to show them disrespect
And withhold my weekly tithe –
My allotted time
Will you renew this rotted mind?
Will you help me say no to this next time?
I offer up my vices
Place them on your altar
Every praise to Him
Who loves me though I falter.

~ Essie

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