Love Myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for aestheticism. There’s just a difference between self-care and idolatry. This poem’s about idolatry. Also, it helps when you know I’m a calvinist 😂

Poem 221 of 365 –

I’ll just admit it
It wasn’t self care
It wasn’t self love
It wasn’t helpful at all
It’s not cutesy when I fall
Into a pit of self-indulgence
And distrust, it’s repugnant 
When I take something meant for you
And use it up until it’s no use
Even telling me to stop
Because I’m so far lost
I’m so far lost
I’m so far away
Please find me
The love you give is better than mine
I love myself with hate and pride
You love me unconditionally
Unlike me
You don’t ever 
Give up on me.
Yes, I am far away
But I am not so lost that you can’t find me
And that gives me hope
That even though
I loved myself you can find me.

~ Essie

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