Prayer for labourers

Poem 234 of 365 – I need these to be your words, not mine;Sprinkled with grace and humility.I want to see heaven and earth entwined.My life is worse than futilityWithout contributing to your kingdom,So equip me with a willing soul.I want to bring home when angels sing “done”Some who escaped the judgement toll. ~ Essie

Prayer for courage.

Poem 230 of 365 – God, I slept in late.It doesn’t change the fact that I need you.I need people who see me to see you.I need grace for the sins I’ve done and will do.I need power from your SpiritTo preach your gospel when others need to hear it.To ask a probing question that […]

Monster of dreams

This one feels kind of unfinished, but maybe next year I’ll add onto it. Poem 229 of 365 – God, I had a dream last nightWhere I did something vileI’ve done my best to resist in the daytimeI guess it had been building up in a pileBubbling under subconscious passionsSubtly holding to the hopeThat I […]

Love Myself.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for aestheticism. There’s just a difference between self-care and idolatry. This poem’s about idolatry. Also, it helps when you know I’m a calvinist 😂 Poem 221 of 365 – I’ll just admit itIt wasn’t self careIt wasn’t self loveIt wasn’t helpful at allIt’s not cutesy when I fallInto […]

Hear Me III

It’s so easy to give into pride and falsehoods. It’s easier to fear than to hope. But take courage, dear heart. Lamentations 3:55-57. Poem 210 of 365 – The world has finally ceased to spinAnd I am left with unrest withinFlashing colours, vibrant soundsWaves of commotion, warning to drownMe.All this time I never realizedThe outbursts and […]

Sub par conversation II

This is uncomfortably honest for me, but I hope you relate to it. Let me know. Poem 191 of 365 – Lately things have felt so distantWe used to be close; I’ve missed it.I think –No,I know it’s my fault.Because you’re flawlessAnd that’s the reason I wish you saw lessOf me.I’m so far from perfectAnd […]