Don’t touch the glass

Is this any good? I personally don’t think so. But. . . for some reason the concept is close to my heart. Let me know what you think.

Poem 218 of 365 –

Is what I remember hearing you say
I stared at the wall, feeling dismay
Even though the rule won’t last.

First hour I sat
And watched the hourglass drip away
Anger sifted though my brain
As I heard a wicked laugh

I saw a mass 
Of darkness come around the bend
Bubbling and fizzing I couldn’t see the end
And wrought the forbidden task

I grasped a rod
From the fireplace (that was cold)
And did the reverse of what I was told
I disobeyed God.

The wall shattered
A figure running towards me (you came)
Disappointment as you asked why I didn’t wait
The wall didn’t matter.

It was whether I trusted you to get me out.

~ Essie

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