Not Flying.

It’s almost the end of the year, and right now all you’ve seen is my poetry in the low 200s. Let’s change that, since New Year’s fast approaches. I’ll be trying to post every day until December 31st. Hope you like it 🙂

Poem 228 of 365 –

I hate not being in control
I hate it that you told me no
I hate that “I told you so”
Became something I need to obey.

I’m not afraid of heights
I’m not afraid of falling
I’m afraid of letting go
I’m afraid of not stopping
I’m afraid of dying
I’m afraid of not flying.

And I’m not flying.
The wind shrieks past my ears
It batters my face and forces out my tears
I wouldn’t mind my rapid descent
If there wasn’t something at the end.
Like the ground? Yeah, that.

I’m not in control.
I asked, but you told me no.
You told me so,
And I have to obey
So I can survive another day.
Only you can stop my fall
My disfigured wings won’t help me at all.

~ Essie

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