Monster of dreams

This one feels kind of unfinished, but maybe next year I’ll add onto it.

Poem 229 of 365 –

God, I had a dream last night
Where I did something vile
I’ve done my best to resist in the daytime
I guess it had been building up in a pile
Bubbling under subconscious passions
Subtly holding to the hope
That I could have it
If not when awake, perhaps when asleep
It’s terrifying when I take control of my dreams
Behind innocent eyes lies a monster underneath
Waiting to feed
Waiting to lead
Waiting to breed
Waiting to shred the daytime me.

Tremors of fear reverberate
The tuning fork of truth has news
We can be monsters
Not just when a sleep
It’s as simple as cutting the leash
Using the key
Unlocking the door, setting it free
With no barriers to keep it inside,
It thunders forth, larger than life
It has no regard for family or friends
People who tell you the descent will begin
People who tell you that you can win?
They’ll be the first victims in the invasion
Inflicted by correllation
Afflicted by your aspirations
That were freed from your imagination

When everyone is gone, there will be only you.
The last one to be caught between
Each yellowed, jagged tooth
There’s no one left to feed on
So it will feed on you.
Want it to be your king now
When you know how it rules?

It’s claws make the wooden door weep
Sawdust tears at each assault
The bat’s wings bang against the walls
And milky, discoloured eyes search
For a hole to crawl through.

I fortify the barriers as if on Nehemiah’s wall
A brick in a hand and gun in the other
Because I want to stay alive
I take a vehement preacher
He’s foaming at the mouth
His voice makes the beast whine
As it rises in zealot shouts
I push a bookshelf
Over the sturdy door
It’s filled with volumes of reason
For each of the monster’s schemings.

~ Essie

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