Monster of dreams

This one feels kind of unfinished, but maybe next year I’ll add onto it. Poem 229 of 365 – God, I had a dream last nightWhere I did something vileI’ve done my best to resist in the daytimeI guess it had been building up in a pileBubbling under subconscious passionsSubtly holding to the hopeThat I […]

Hear Me

Sometimes I forget that the whole point of grace is that I don’t get what I deserve. I forget that sanctification is a process, just like everything else in life. Do you? Poem 208 of 365 – Apologies, not doxologiesAre issued from my mouthBecause fondly and wronglyIs the way I view sin now. Is there […]


It’s Latin, but I promise I’m not doing it to be bougie. Poem 196 of 365 – The path to the altar is worn;The grass trails away from it in increments, like a tattered shirt.My footsteps are heavy as I carry a corpse over my shoulder.My conscience is weighted as I imagine your cold stare. I’m […]