Graveyards, A Sonnet.

I might be a little morbid, but graveyards are some of my favourite places. What are yours? Poem 186 of 365 – The gravel crunches underneath my feetAnd yields to the wheels of my bicycle.I’m getting tired of my own company.Most consider this their peripheral. “Please keep right” advises the guardian:A sign that keeps watch […]

Return to Cranial Mansion

Do you have any wounds in need of healing? Poem 169 of 365 – Enter the manor, and lightning cracks.You’d rather stay in the storm, I know.The porch steps creak as if under attack;You do as I say and suck in a breathWhen the blinds shift, as if to remove a mask. Gather your courage, […]

In The Alone

Poem 165 of 365 – I don’t want to go back homeThe sun won’t vanish if I stayI’m finally comfortable in the aloneSo please don’t drag me away. ~ Essie

Dawn Conversations

A discussion that we never stop having. Poem 162 of 365 – I need you,But I don’t want you.I feed you,Yet my voice haunts you. I want to leave you,But I know the consequences.I want to lead you,Though the rain and the tempest. I can’t deceive you,You know how I feel about you.I will receive […]

Prayer For Awareness

Yes, Lord. Please. Poem 103 of 365 – When I need you,Help me to know it.When I love you,Help me to show it.Lord, let me be present With you in the moment,And when you display your glory,Allow me to behold it. ~ Essie

Chasing Flawless

I wrote this back in May, but I needed to hear it today. Funny how the past can speak into the present and give you a reality check. Poem 99 of 365 – Flawless was once an addictive word.I craved it,I felt like I needed to taste itAnd take it,Like a pill in a bottle,The […]